Chef Kitchen Craze Cooking Game

Leading burger chef House is a wildly popular cooking and café board game that combines your love of food with the great art of cooking! Own your own café and create the restaurant of your dreams by catering to the ravenous desires of each patron with an ever-expanding variety of familiar items! Be the owner of your drive-through restaurant and serve your hungry customers the most divine top burger chef cooking narrative with fries! Make your own burgers, but carefully follow the customers' orders to earn the most coins and go through the levels! The **top burger chef 2019 shop is always packed, so your best burger-making skills will be put to the test! The vocation mode allows you can pass levels, acquire coins and make your burger realm greater until you arrive at the status of the top burger culinary specialist! In the time assault mode, you should finish before time runs out and make the same number of top burger game in the given time. At last, there's a challenge for the best burger creator and you are welcomed! Design the coolest home-made burger formula and present it to the judges! burger shop making is fun, however would you be able to be the best burger wala game culinary specialist and win the principal prize? You are proprietor of a little and awesome inexpensive food bistro. Consistently in the bistro "Burger Chef " guests come to taste the most delectable and delicious burgers claims to fame in the city. The bistro "Burger Chef " is well known for the quick and quality assistance, and the most delicious nourishment.