Vegas Clash 3D

The casino in Las Vegas is flush with cash. The ideal time for your Sassy Elvis group to pay the underground vault a hostile visit is right now. Boldly take the bags and bring them to where your van is parked at the building's corner. But the casino's owners, who are also not fools, phoned the police, who will start to watch out for the law and strive to defend private property. But who is in charge here, right? The building's back alleys also contain a dusty, potent revolver that can kill two or three people with a single shot. Earning stars in combat will help you level up your character, giving you an advantage in subsequent bouts. so earn stars in battles as much as possible. And only a few will be able to upgrade weapons to golden skins, we hope this it will be you!


WASD - movement SPACE - jump C - crouch RMB - aim TAB - score table