Blumgi Rocket

On, Blumgi Rocket is a fun game that you can play without spending any money. In the platform game Blumgi Rocket, you control a rocket-powered automobile across vibrant stages dotted with hazards. Travel at top speed up hills, down slopes, through tunnels, over mountains, and more! As you launch your rockets, enjoy the excitement of the stunning slow motion animation. You will be launched more forcefully the longer you hold down the rocket button. Perform feats while in the air to go through the level more quickly and wow your audience. By progressing through the game and beating every level, you can unlock additional vehicle skins. How quickly can you complete Blumgi Rocket and become an expert? Blumgi built the awesome Blumgi Rocket. we love it. You can play Blumgi Rocket without downloading or installing for free using your desktop and mobile devices on Super Kid Games.You can unlock new skins and colorful new vehicles in Blumgi Rocket.


Drive - W/S or Up/Down arrow keys