Subway Surfers San Francisco

Today, a bully and well-known street artist by the name of Jack paid a visit to San Francisco. Here, our hero uses paint cans scattered about the structure to create drawings on its walls. The police are following him as usual. You can assist the man in Subway Surfers: San Francisco by assisting him in eluding the pursuers. Your character will be running along the road in front of you on the screen with all his might as he picks up speed. Police officers will pursue him closely. Pay close attention to the display. Obstacles will be in our hero's path. You will have to dodge them all or jump over them while expertly guiding his moves. There will also be coins and other items on the road that you will need to pick up on the run. They will bring you points, and they can also reward the character with temporary bonus.


Control in the game "Subway Surfers San Francisco" on the computer is carried out using the arrows, space - to activate the skate. The object of the game "Subway Surfers New Orleans" is for the hero to run as far as possible, overcoming obstacles and dodg