The Box Box

In situations full of interactive elements like tornadoes, portals, one-way corridors, locks and keys, blocks and hurdles that make the puzzles even more difficult, push the boxes into the proper positions and figure out the answers to more than 70 difficulties. Box Box is a puzzle game with stages made up of various mechanics and interactions between things that will challenge your brain to the maximum to solve issues while having fun and developing your logical reasoning. It was inspired by the classics Sokoban and Box World. The game principles need involvement with the scenario to eliminate obstacles, create a path, and uncover new methods to get to the desired place, even if there is no visible approach. This leads to surprise dynamics and progressively challenging gameplay difficult stages . The game has a progression of difficulty that over time requires more and more reasoning skills, logic and puzzle solving skills.


Arrow Keys / W,A,S,D = Movement R = Restart current stage ENTER = Go to next stage (after stage complete)