Shadow Ninja

Shadow Ninja-Ghost Warrior is the ideal game that fuses modern cities and ancient ninjas. Kill your opponents in a matter of seconds by using ninjas to charge up strikes! There are many different weapons in this game, including swords, flaming knives, ice swords, battle axes, and others. Unlock increasingly potent weaponry as the game's depth increases! Even a fly swatter can be used to destroy the opposition! Are you driven, brave, and passionate enough to join the fight? Although life is calm in an affluent modern metropolis, there are significant evils hidden behind the tranquility. In reality, the sun's surface-based umbrella corporation has been engaging in unexplained actions behind the scenes. To construct the most recent devil, they used the genes of the ancient ninja family to create the latest devil warrior and attempt to rule the world.


Fingers control power accumulation, choose the best kill action;