DoodieMan Apocalypse

Enjoy playing this enjoyable free game. Aim and kill the enemy while taking care of your ammo because the Doodieman needs your assistance in the incredibly enjoyable casual shooting game known as DoodieMan Apocalypse! Enjoy playing it in Kiz10 along with a variety of other action and shooting games. The little doodieman is in trouble since the city has been overrun by bandits, and they will require your accurate shooting to get rid of them. To kill the poo bullets that come out of the doodieman, aim and fire. With many more adversaries on each level and an emphasis on aim, you can assist him in defeating them all and finishing each level. Features: Casual shooting, gun, and action game Target and kill opponents. Amass points and money to improve your weaponscomplete the levels.


Use the mouse right click to aim and shoot the enemiesOn mobile devices touch the screen to aim and shoot.